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    Rene Swart

    Is anyone experiencing downloading problems with the resources?

    I downloaded the Notes, but now nothing else wants to download anymore.

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    good day

    I cannot access my resources ,kindly assist.



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    1. Good day I would like  to know if someone  would assist me with one qiestion in my  in our study guide book   it is on paqe 9  Interpersonal  communication and Mass communication    please
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    Arnold Palmer

    Hi Everybody

    I am finding it challenging to download the notes. I am very disappointed in the service I have received thus far from TWP. They are operating on autopilot and does not seem to be responding to unique and individualised request to their support email account, I think it is for this reason that they don’t have a telephone line.

    It is my first time using this service and definitely my last – this is what one gets for a cheap product/service (poor service).


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    Arnold Palmer

    This is the error message I get when trying to download the notes …. 🙁

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    1. Anyone busy with orientation assignments?
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    Kundai Matangira

    Just recently joined this study group/forum. Can anyone take me through how it works.
    <p style=”text-align: center;”>Thanks</p>

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    What is a Client Consultation Card? Is it like a business card?

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    Nizam Khan

    Hi all


    Just to let everyone know, I saw on MyUnisa for FAC3703 in the announcements section that the the following topics are no longer part of the module. So do not waste time studying it.

    Go check it out on MyUNISA.

    – Government Grants

    – Earnings per share

    – Operating segments





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    Hey guys anyone doing  ICB accounting course lets chat


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    Hi Arnold


    Thank you for your comment ,  kindly   note that our  web developer is currently looking into this  and in the meantime for those who purchased notes we are emailing them the notes like we did to you. We will let you know once this is fixed. Apologies for any inconvenience

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    Hi Nizam


    Thank you very much  for the information.We would encourage every student in the group to go and check it out on the MyUNISA

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    Hi Kundai


    Thanks for getting in touch, kindly  click on where it says Start Tour at the top it will guide you through on how the  study group works.If there is anything you do not understand on the on the tour just let  me know

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    Hi Craig


    Kindly note that we are currently having challenges with downloading of resources and our web developer is looking into that .In the meantime   we are emailing the students the resources that they purchased.If you have paid and  not received the  study material you purchased kindly send me an email on and I will  email them to you.Our apologies for any inconvenience   caused.

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    Hi Rene


    Kindly note that we are experiencing problems with the downloading of the resources and  our web developer is  currently looking into that, However in the meantime we are emailing students the resources they purchased.Our  sincere apologies for the inconvenience caused.

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