Benefits of Study Groups

Benefit of Study Groups are endless, and specially when you join a PRIVATE Study Group.

Benefits of Study Groups That Students can Enjoy:

  1. Improve your understanding of your course
  2. Improve your marks in exams
  3. Learn how to prepare for exams properly
  4. Share resources with current and past students
  5. Experience new ways of thinking and new ideas

Benefits of Study Groups are at your fingertips, Together We Pass has been running PRIVATE study groups since 2008. When you sign up for a study group, you qualify for resources that have been shared by past students specifically for your course, like tutorials and podcasts; a forum to compare and discuss assignments and a discussion forum for you to chat with fellow students about problems you are experiencing with your course.
Make sure you that you sign up – it’s free, and allows you to then start joining our awesome study groups!

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Research Shows the Following Benefits of Study Groups:

Study Group Students Study Longer

  • One of the key Benefits of Study Groups are that students who are part of an active study group have been shown to study for up to three times longer.
  • If you’re not part of a study group, you might get stuck at a point in your work and not be able to continue. Whereas if you’re part of a study group, you will be able to question the rest of the students on the UNISA course and together learn and pass your exams.  (Source: Grockit 2011)

Study Group Students Study More Questions

  • Another Benefit of Study Groups  is that studies show that students who are part of a study group actively study twice as many questions as people who study on their own. (Source: Grockit 2011)
  • This means that you will be going through double the work as studying alone!

Study Group Students Answers More Questions Correctly

  • Students in study groups tend to answer more questions correctly.
  • You might think that people in study groups spend time chatting and socialising, but the opposite is true.
  • Students who are in study groups have been proven to answer more questions correctly that those who chose to study the course material on their own. (Source: Grockit: 2011)

How to do Multiple Choice Questions

In our PRIVATE study groups, tips on how to master a multiple choice exam are discussed in detail and you will feel completely prepared for the exam.

Access to useful Notes

  • You will learn how to write notes effectively and efficiently, within your private study group.
  • This study group benefit is mainly because you will be learning from the other students. People in your study group will have different ideas and ways to remember things and this will help you write useful notes.
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  • Plus, an added benefit of the Together We Pass study groups is the vast resource private collection we have been compiling from past students since we started. If you hate writing notes, simply download the notes you want and study from those.

How to Write a Study Plan

  • This is very important when it comes to distance learning through UNISA. Ensure you remain on track throughout the year, and that your focus and energy are distributed accordingly.
  • During the course of your interactions with your fellow study group members, find out who has done a study plan and share it amongst yourselves, it will help a lot in managing your study time.

Concentrate Better

  • PRIVATE study groups help you remain focused and set short term goals.
  • You will definitely need to increase your concentration when studying long distance through UNISA. Turn off the TV, put down that magazine and switch off your phone, it’s the only way to get through all the work.

To ensure you reap all the benefits of study groups, join a study group for your UNISA course.  Remember – you have to Create a Free Account first.

How do Together We Pass Study Groups Differ From any Other Study Groups?

Together We Pass offers:

My UNISA offers as much as they can, but they have a lot to deal with offering students the ability to upload assignments and more. Check out the pros and cons of MyUNISA study groups here.

Make sure you join a TWP study group today to start improving your understanding, marks and motivation!

Written by: Leonor Breytenbach
Last updated: 30 May, 2018