UNISA Registration Process

UNISA Registration Process can sometimes be very confusing and stressful.  This page gives you a detailed tutorial on how to register with UNISA.

Please remember that you need to apply at UNISA and be accepted before you can start to register your subjects to study.  If you need help with your application, then read here to find out how to apply to study at UNISA.

If you are a First-Year Student at Unisa in 2018, then you can study for free. If your household income is less than R350 000 per year, then NSFAS will fund your studies with a Bursary (free study), instead of a study loan.

However, if you want to know how to register your subjects after you accepted please read on!

UNISA Registration Process 101

  1. Register during the Registration Period

First you need to know the Registration Dates, because you can only register during certain times in the year. Then visit UNISA. Scroll down a little, and click on the blue block that says “Register to Study“.

  1. Choose the option that applies to you

Undergraduate & Honours qualifications, Master’s & Doctoral degrees, Short Learning Programmes

  1. Registration Process Begins

Read the text and once you are ready click on the Start the process button.

  1. Find your qualification

There are multiple ways to search for your qualification. Choose the option that suits you. Once your search is complete, select your qualification. Once you are happy with the qualification you selected, scroll down and click the Proceed to calculating your student fees button.

  1. Calculate your study fees

Read the text and use the buttons under the Prescribed student fees heading to help you calculate your study fees.

  1. Submit your registration

Once you have calculated your study fees, click on number 3 in the Registration Process. Read the text and use the buttons under the Registration Options heading to choose which way you will submit your registration. Hint: The online option is the quickest.

  1. Pay your study fees

After submitting your registration you need to pay your study fees. Click on number 4 to continue. Click the Payment methods button to explore the different options UNISA accepts. Once you have made payment you can click on the What to do after you have completed the registration process button at the bottom of the page.

  1. What happens after registration?

You can find useful information on this page which will explain what you can do now that you have completed your UNISA registration.

Also make sure that you visit the following Facebook Pages to get more information, as well as support from fellow students:

Last updated: July 14, 2018