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DSC2604 Resources

 DSC2604 Other Capital Budgeting notes.pdf Capital-Budgeting.pdf DCS2604 - PORTFOLIO THEORY.pdf DSC2604 - Chapter 6 Portfolio Theory.pdf DSC2604 - SPREADSHEET MODELLING (NPV).pdf DSC2604 Addvanced Capital Budgeting.pdf DSC2604 capital budgeting and Inflation.docx.pdf DSC2604 capital budgeting and Inflation.pdf DSC2604 Capital budgeting and risk- detailed.pdf DSC2604 Capital Budgeting and Risk.pdf DSC2604 capital budgeting.pdf DSC2604 capital rationing.pdf DSC2604 CHAPTER 3 -5.pdf DSC2604 Course Outline.docx DSC2604 Decision Tree Basics.pdf DSC2604 PORTFOLIO THEORY.pdf DSC2604 PRACTISE Q n A.pdf DSC2604 Practise questions.pdf DSC2604 Simple Linear_Regression_using_Excel.pdf Spreadsheet Modelling basics.pdf