STA1502 Resources

 STA1502 ANES Codebooks ANES Codebook2004.doc ANES Codebook2008.doc
 STA1502 GSS Workbooks GSS Codebook2002.doc GSS Codebook2004.doc GSS Codebook2006.doc GSS Codebook2008.doc Sample of Occupation Prestige Scores.doc
 STA1502 Excel Workbooks Beta-2 means.xls Beta-2 proportions.xls Beta-mean.xls Beta-proportion.xls Case 12.1.xls Estimators Small Population.xls Estimators.xls Medical screening.xls Pay Equity.xls Portfolio Diversification.xls Test Statistics.xls
 Keller 9e Website Appendixes A1 Introduction to Microsoft Excel.doc A2 Troubleshooting for Excel 1997-2003.doc A3 Troubleshooting for Excel 2007 and 2010.doc APPLICATIONS IN ACCOUNTING Auditing.doc Approximating Means & Varainces for Grouped Data.doc Approximating p-Values from the Student t Table.doc Bartlett's Test.doc Continuous Probability Distributions Calculus Approach.doc Control Charts for Variables X and R.doc Converting Excel's Probabilities to p-Values.doc Counting Formulas.doc Deleting Blank Rows in Excel.doc Deriving the Normal Equations.doc Descriptive Techniques Review Exercises.doc Determining Normal Probabilities.doc
 STA1502 Keller 9e Website Appendixes 1 Determining Normal Probablilities using P(0 less than Z less than z).doc Excel and Minitab Instructions for Missing Data and Recoding Data.doc Excel and Minitab Instructions for Stacking and Unstacking Data.doc Hypergeometric Distribution.doc Introduction to Nonparametric techniques.doc Kruskal-Wallis Test and Friedman Test.doc Logistic Regression.doc Rule of Five.doc Sample of Occupation Prestige Scores.doc Spearman Rank Correlation Coefficient and Test.doc Szroeters Test for Heteroscedasticity.doc Treeplan.doc Using the Laws of Expected Value and Variance to Derive the Parameters of the Sampling Distributions.doc Wilcoxon Rank Sum Test and Wilcoxon Signed Rank Sum Test.doc